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Shari’s designs embody the intricacy and fluidity of nature. Her eclectic style integrates a vibrant palette of stones with precious and semi-precious metals. She artfully blends the essence of nature with a timeless aesthetic.

Beautifully Unrefined



From vivid, vibrant pieces to muted tones, from traditional teardrop shapes to complex twists and delightfully unexpected shapes, our collection of earrings provides a broad and eclectic expanse of selections to provide any woman with a magical experience.

Every set of earrings is handcrafted and unique, each special in its own way and truly one of a kind. Browse the catalogue to find your next favorite pair of earrings.




Every handmade necklace and bracelet boasts the same high quality, the same intricate attention to detail, and the same natural, unrefined beauty of the precious and semi-precious stones and metals that compose every piece.

From bold and chunky pieces that make a vibrant statement to more classic, understated designs, our collection of necklaces and bracelets is sure to contain something any woman will love to wear.