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Unique Handmade Necklaces

Find the perfect necklace to present delicate beauty, natural strength and harmonious femininity all in one piece.
Every handmade necklace boasts the same high quality, the same intricate attention to detail, and the same natural, unrefined beauty of the precious and semi-precious stones and metals that compose every piece.
From bold and chunky pieces that make a vibrant statement to more classic, understated designs, our collection of necklaces and bracelets is sure to contain something any woman will love to wear.

  • Sterling Silver Northern Lights Necklace

  • Gemstone Medley And Sterling Silver Necklaces

  • Coin Pearl And Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Mixed Metal Tassel Necklace

  • Citrine Drop And Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Sapphire And Sterling Silver Necklace

  • White Chalcedony And Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Citrine And Sterling Silver Toggle Necklace

  • Citrine And Gold Fill Necklace

  • Pearl And Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Fire Opal And Sterling Silver Triple Drop Necklace

  • Pearl And Sterling Silver Bead Chain Necklace