Gemstone Medley And Sterling Silver Necklaces


A rainbow of gemstone necklaces featuring (top to bottom) amethyst, chrysoprase, fire opal, iolite, peridot, labradorite and red jade are beautifully unrefined and perfect for layering or wearing solo. Harmonious color combinations with sterling silver details sprinkled throughout, each necklace is finished with a sterling silver chain, lobster clasp and petite gemstone drop. Each necklace will be finished as this red jade necklace shown.
Important: In the Note section at check out indicate which stone you would like to order.

Additional information


Necklace is an adjustable 17 – 18 inches in length.


Amethyst, chrysoprase, fire opal, sapphire, peridot, labradorite, red jade, citrine, sterling silver wire, chain and lobster clasp.

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